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Keshav Nagar, Pune. India

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Rent your Flat Hassle Free at 0% Brokerage!

We are a One-stop Solution for Home Owners. Our experts take care of every part from Paperwork to dealing with Tenants and we provide a reliable service that you can trust.

Call us! +91 7709519796

  1.  Finding Tenants

  2. Paying 2 Months Brokerage every year

  3. Screening Tenants

  4. Following-up with Tenant for rents

  5. Delay in Rents

  6. Finding Reliable, Genuine Tenants

  7. Unplanned Tenant Visits (for NRI and Outstation Home Owners this is not possible at all)

  8. Documentation Hassles and finding a Lawyer

  9. Finding Tenant Replacement 

  10. Keeping a track on monthly rents, repairs and deposits

  11. Deposit Dispute during Tenant Exit

  12. Unwanted calls from Brokers (incase you list your Property on Property Portals & Social media sites)

  13. Supervision of work in case of any Repairs
  14. Keeping a track of Utility & Electricity bills 
  1. 0% Brokerage

  2. Free Rental Renewals

  3. Police Verification will be done by our team

  4. No Documentation Hassles

  5. We will list your Property on all Premium Platforms at NO Cost!

  6. Save time on finding a new Tenant and Tenant site visits

  7. Online Rent Agreement at our Office

  8. No unwanted calls from Brokers and Portals

  9. Assistance in buying a New Property

Additional Benefits with PREMIUM PLAN

  1. Dedicated Property Manager

  2. Access to RENTAL KIT

  3. Screening of Tenants

  4. Rent Collection & Rent Transfer

  5. We will follow-up with Tenants for Rent

  6. Tracking Rents, Deposits & Repairs

  7. Annual Statement of Account will be mailed to you

  8. Video/Photo Shoot before Tenant Move-in & Move-out

  9. Vendor Support for Repairs

  10. Email & SMS Updates

  11. Basic Cleaning of Flat post Tenant Exit (for unfurnished flats)

  12. No Calls from Tenants

  13. No Hidden Cost (Price inclusive of Taxes)

  14. Tracking Property Tax & Water Tax

  15. We will check Electricity Bills dues before Tenant exit

Additional Benefits with ELITE PLAN

  1. Yearly two visits at Rented Property to ensure subletting & illegal activities are avoided

  2. Repair and Maintenance work will be supervised by our team and Photos of work done will be mailed to you

  3. Supervision of Interior works & Civil work

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